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Save Big! 20% off of $50. Enter Coupon Code: APRILFOOLS2017

Welcome Cat Erasers
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Seen in stores across the Eastern Hemisphere, Lucky Cats are often put inside of store windows and are thought to bring good luck and a prosperous future. These Lucky Cat Erasers are all ready for use! Each one features a raised right paw along with a bell collar. The different style options available for these erasers are white, black, red, yellow, purple, and green. Manufacturer may change product due to upgrades.

*We have just added three new Welcome Cat Erasers to the collection. These kitties also double as a pencil topper. Colors come in white, yellow, and blue. 
*Now new pastel color options: Pale Green, Sky Blue, Light Lavender, Baby Pink, Sunshine Yellow, and Orange Cream.

- Note: Erasers are NOT edible and are NOT to be given to small children.
- Bell design on collar does not make a noise.

SKU: E1052-0001

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