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Wooden Deluxe Stamp Set
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Just in time for the holidays! This Wooden Deluxe Stamp Set is the perfect gift! Each set can be used for the conventional use of stamping planners, journals, and notebooks or you can get a little more creative and use this stamp set to decorate wrapping paper! Stamp a cute panda here, a music note there, or an octopig anywhere! That's right, I said an octopig (half octopus and half pig)... the Fantasy Creatures set includes hybrid creatures! Choose that set and discover all the animal combinations they have come up with. If that's not your style then choose between the Mochi Panda set and the Love Bunny Set.  

-Each set includes 12 adorable character stamps and 1 ink pad. 


-Mochi Panda (Blue Ink)

-Fantasy Creatures (Blue Ink)

-Love Bunny (Red Ink)

SKU: D2516-001

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